Chef Ana in her Catrina Costume

About Ana's Empanadas

Born in Honduras, raised in Belize and with extensive travel in Mexico and Central America, Ana emigrated to the U.S. arriving first in Los Angeles. Drawing on her extensive multi-cultural culinary background she partnered with other foodies in L.A. to establish a high-end catering business that brings world-wide flavors to exclusive clients throughout Beverly Hills and Southern California. 

Ana recently moved to Palm Beach County and had the desire to bring her beloved Latin recipes infused with traditional American favorites to her new home.  The result: Ana’s Killer Empanadas!  Why Empanadas?  While associated with Latin America, virtually every culture in the world has some type of pastry filled with meat and other savory or sweet fillings.  Whether you call them Calzones, Pocket Pies, Pastelitos, Saltenas, Patties, or Samosas…Empanadas are simply a delicious pastry filled with yummy ingredients. 

So, what’s with Ana’s logo and photo?  Ana is very camera shy but loves dressing in the traditional “Catrina“ costume for Dia De Los Muertos or “day of the dead”, which is an annual holiday throughout Latin America.  It’s a festive day of remembering and celebrating the lives of our loved ones who have passed.  It’s all about family, fun music, dancing, and of course fabulous food!

So Ana says “Bienvenido” or “Welcome” and come celebrate life with wonderful flavors of from cultures near and far, and make some friends along the way!